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Freedom: Best Wearable, Hand-free, Portable Kit for you

Nursing could be overwhelming for mothers who have limited time due to work difficulties and more discouraging for those who need to separate from their babies. Due to these various constraints, Freedom handsfree kit is specially designed to help our supermoms to meet their nursing goals and reclaim their time and freedom to multitask. Here are the reasons why Milk Planet Freedom Handsfree Kit is the best choice!


Allows Multitasking

With Freedom Handsfree Kit, you are able to continue to work or complete tasks while pumping. 

Less Visible: Gives Confidence

With Milk Planet Freedom Handsfree Kit, you don't have to shy away from public while pumping your milk. You can pump anytime, anywhere, even you are working with your shirts on! The less visible cups give you confidence to pump.



Freedom handsfree kit is compatible with most breastpumps available in the market! All you need is to connect the Freedom to an external portable pump.