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Colic pain? Try Baby Planet Premium PPSU Bottles now!

Nothing pulls at your heart strings more than your baby crying uncontrollably. If the cause of their tears is colic, gas, or acid reflux, you may be at a loss about how to help them. Seeing your little one in pain can be so stressful (and exhausting) you probably feel like you’ll do anything to stop the problem.

Anti-colic bottles are a real thing, and we’re here to explain what Baby Planet Premium PPSU baby bottles are and how they work.

Switch between mom and bottle easily

Baby Planet Premium PPSU Baby Bottles are light weight and durable which easy to hold by your baby. The ultra-soft wide neck anti-colic teat with flexible spiral an petals to promote natural latch-on-and make easy to combbine bottle and breastfeeding.

Helps your baby swallow less air as they drink

Baby Planet unique Anti-colic Air-flex teat is designed to help your baby swallow less air as they drink. It keeps the teat full of milk, not air, even when the bottle is horizontal.