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Removing Mucus from Baby's Nose With Baby Comfort Nasal Aspirator

It is normal for a baby’s nose to get congested (stuffed up) from time to time. When this happens, you can use nasal saline to thin the mucus and then remove it with Baby Planet Comfort Nasal Aspirator. Removing mucus out of the nose makes your baby easier to breathe, suck, and eat. Do this before feeding your baby, but only if he/she seems congested.


You'll Need:

  • Baby Planet Baby Comfort Nasal Aspirator
  • Soft tissue pappers
  • Saline or prescribed nose drops
  • Optional – rolled-up soft blanket


  • To use the Comfort Nasal Aspirator, squeeze the air out of the bulb. Keep the bulb squeezed.


  • Gently place the tip of the squeezed bulb into baby's nostril.


  • Release the bulb to let the air back into the bulb. This will pull the mucus out from baby's nose and into the bulb.


  • Squeeze the bulb to take out of the mucus onto a tissue paper.


Do the other nostril the same way. If mucus is too thick to remove, you can thin it with saline or prescribed respiratory drops. Gently wipe off the mucus around the baby’s nose with tissue paper to prevent irritation. Limit cleaning to no more than 4 times each day to avoid nose irritation.


After Removing Mucus

Bulb opens up at its center for easy cleaning and disinfection which reduces risk of mold and bacteria collection inside. Simply wash and rinse in the sink with mild soap and warm water.